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Roi took most of these pictures while riding around Charleston on his ten speed bike.  He had a special eye for the life around him.


        I didn't realize there was a mistake in the pall bearers names....Andre' Wood also served.

SWEET PEA - Died earlier this year - Roi and Perry grew up together.

Our great friend Kent Knoff also died this past year and we miss him dearly. Kent died as a result of "Agent Orange" during  Vietnam

These are my notes when I got to speak about Roi at his funeral.  It was a tough job, couldn't hardly read my own notes, but got most of it in. I brought a couple dozen roses which got passed out to the ladies in Roi's tradition. Some of the notes will make sense to those that knew and loved him.  George

Roi the Hippy - Roi my boy

Godfather to Gentry

No better friend than those thou has

Roi knew everyone and everyone knew Roi

Honor to know – a privilege to be his friend

Friend for life  Mystical Man of truth and love

Deep caring – intellectual and sharp

The listener

Counselor – spiritual advisor – Thought my name was Roi’s friend

Saw no color.

Judge asked Roi “squiring my lady around”

Roi take charge and organize.

Big ole kisser, a handshake and a hug

Robbed – took big TV – laugh – Roi wanted to thank them

Yellow ten speed


Beads over door

Three Nags


Argo Salmon Surprise –

Can’t mug a mugger

finger snap to flowers -  Roi the Medic

Forever bachelor

Cloths Horse – Western to Luau

Cowboy boots

Patty says they dressed the same – Western - leather

Special kind of person - classy

Lost luggage in NY - Ironing

“I’m a better man for having known you.”- Ken Mays

Live like you will die tomorrow and learn like you will live forever - Williams


Date: 17 Jan 2003


First Kent, now Roi. Two of the most generous and entertaining souls I've ever known. This town seems a lot less colorful than when they were here. Long live the Captain and the Cowboy!


Roi, @-}-} @}-}- @-}-} @}-}- I thought you would outlive us all. You always seemed eternal, even when you were a very young man. As if you'd seen it all, from the suffering darkness to the healing light. You were our guide, reminding us, by example, to look for the good in everyone, to take care of each other.xoxo Chozzie




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