In "The Captain and Submarine CSS H. L. Hunley" by Ruth H. Duncan, 1965, there is an extensive list of H. L. Hunley's ancestors.
Having only the old, terribly inaccurate white metal Friends of the Hunley model, I sprung for the 1/72 scale Cottage Industries model. It will take a little more work than I thought to improve it, but I'm not disappointed with what is a fairly nice, inexpensive model. The real question is where I'll find the time to build it. Here's my "review".

The is no really authoritative plan to reference, so the following evaluation is against my own plans, as displayed on my web page.

The hull is cast in one piece about 6 1/2 inches long. In general the detailing is good and the resin casting is clean. A few of the deadlights on the hull are not well defined. The rivets are sloppy and there are way too few. The hull plates appear to be well placed and the seams are cleanly defined although thye waver a bit when viewed form the top. The forward and aft casting seams are not shown. The keel weights are nicely modeled and have the look of being separate from the hull. The hull lines from the side are reasonably true and clean, considering the scale. The hull length is correct, approximately 167mm, as is the height, approximately 17mm. The hull shape from the top is clean but not true. The center section should be a cylinder, but the model appears to taper slightly. That is, it's more cigar shaped than the real thing. The hull width is too large, actually half a mm more than the height. The discrepancy of about 2mm amounts to a 14% error. The bow and stern fairing is reasonable although I think it begins too soon. It should start in the hatch sections. The details on the stern, including the stuff boxes for the propeller and rudder control are rather chunky.

The hatch towers are molded with the hull. This is unfortunate because they are too large, not fitting within their plate sections. By my estimate they should be about 8 1/2 mm long and a little more than 5mm wide and high. The model dimensions are about 9mm long and about 7 wide and high. The length error is 6% and the width and height well over 30%. Granted that I've seen at least one plan with similarly large towers. The hatch details are mostly clean. The portholes are a little too pronounced, but well positioned. Oddly, a second set is included on the starboard side. The forward portholes are not cleanly defined but reasonably well postioned. Each hatch has a deadlight positioned toward the hinge.

The rudder, propeller, guard, dive planes, and some other details are separate, tiny resin parts. Several lengths of different diameter metal rod and tubing are included to make the spar and boom, rudder controls, and other parts. The spar details are based very much on Dan Dowdey's interpretation and one of his renderings is displayed on the box cover. The rudder control is a fanciful interpretation of Chapman, but easy to correct since it's all constructed from the metal rods.

Many of the errors are readily correctable. The rivets can be filled in with putty and a little patience. I think the sides of the hull can be sanded to the correct dimension. Although only a mm needs to be removed from each side this is probably a tedious task and will require re-scribing the panel seams. The stern details can be corrected and it will be fairly easy to construct the rudder control linkage discussed in this forum from the material provided. The hatch towers present the biggest problem in that they really need to be remodeled.



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