Just announced - Special Event during the week of the Final Hunley Crew Interment Ceremonies


Sunset Theater Cruise, "Romancing the Hunley" a tribute to the Hunley Crew



Charleston Harbor Tours is presenting a special, two hour, Sunset Theater Cruise, "Romancing the Hunley" on Thursday, April 15 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. This charming, historic, one act play is making its debut aboard their cruise boat, "Carolina Belle."

         The cruise begins at the foot of the Maritime Center, Thursday, April 15 at 6 p. m and returns at 8 p.m. Boarding is at 5:45 p.m. The price is $30 per person, including hot and cold hors d'oeuvres, provided by Stephen Duvall Catering.  A cash bar will also be available.         
          Whet your appetite with food and a memorable theater experience. Seating is Limited. Reserve early. For Reservations: Call Charleston Harbor Tours for tickets: 843-568-8687.

         "You are There!"

         "Romancing the Hunley" is a one act, historical play starring William G. Thomas-Moore, who plays the fictional character and storyteller (in costume), "Dr. Moore" (the physician to the Hunley crew), and Diane Scher, the nose-for-instant-news, present-day news reporter. The setting is 1864.

           Bill Thomas-Moore is a maritime historian, lecturer, actor, a professional model shipwright and restoration expert. He was commissioned twice to build the authentic model of the H. L. Hunley submarine. The five-foot Hunley model is currently on display at the Charleston Museum on the second floor.
           Take a river journey through time back to February 20, 1864, three days after the disappearance of the Hunley in Charleston Harbor. Experience the emotion, and get an up-close and almost personal perspective of life during the blockade of the harbor during 1864. See the actual locations where the H. L. Hunley Confederate Submarine was launched on the Cooper River.

            View the areas where the USS Housatonic and other blockade ships traveled and were positioned during the battles. Relive the times and where all the activity of the blockade took place in the harbor. Witness those dramatic moments in Charleston through the live retelling and interpretation of the true story of the "Hunley" its beginning in Mobile, Alabama to its sinking in 1864, and forward to its recent discovery and restoration.




Summer Barnette - Sales Manager
Charleston Harbor Tours
Cell: 843-568-TOUR(8687)
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196 Concord St. Charleston, SC 29401

 William G. Thomas-Moore was the official "Hunley" miniature model shipwright that was commissioned by the Hunley Commission to build the replica which is on permanent exhibit at the Charleston Museum (second floor). He also did the model for Glenn McConnell for the Friends of Glenn luncheon in 2000.

We've been doing our show since 2000, and recently performed at the NC Maritime Museum in Beaufort, NC, and also went to the Port Columbus National Civil War & Maritime Museum in 2002 to perform. We performed in other venues since and in between.

Bill exhibited his two glass encased models of the Hunley and Pioneer 2 at the recent Lowcountry Civil War Show at the Gaillard in January, and was presented with the "Spirit of South Carolina" award for our exhibit/booth for best in show, epitomizing the symbol of South Carolina and what it represents.

William G. Thomas-Moore continues to build models, i.e. The City of Georgetown Lumber Schooner which was the highlight and auction item for their recent Wooden Boat Show. He also restores models.

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