There is always two ways of looking at things,

My friends were at the hearing and heard totally different things than Mr. Kropf .  The Plaintiff, represented by counsel got her little butt chewed out.  The case seemed almost frivolous. Diving in "underwear" seemed to her to besmirch Dr. Spence.  I would have dived "naked" thinking the Hunley was there.

Judge Blatt seemed to think "The Hunley Commission" was about useless in their authority.

Blatt said that Cussler's promise to give any damages recovered from Spence in the case to charity appeared to be a publicity stunt.

You may recall that Cussler pledged $100,000.00 to anyone who opposed Glen McConnell in his next election bid if he did not approve Cussler as the Hunley Discoverer.

Cussler has several weeks to re-file his complaint. But according to Mr. Kropf , (his article is so predictably against Dr. Spence) it sounds like Dr. Spence is in the wrong.  Where is he from?

Did you know that shredding machines in Charleston are about sold out.  Reminds of Enron.  George

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