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This is a copy of the E-mail and Replies I got trying to find the movie about the Hunley from the 1960's

There's very little I can tell you about "G.E. TRUE."  It was produced by
Webb's Mark VII LTD company in association with CBS Television, and filmed
at Warner Bros. studios.  It ran on Sunday nights during the 1962-63 season,
opposite the first half of "BONANZA" on NBC.  Possibly CBS owns the shows; I
didn't have a chance to research TRUE's copyright status.  The Jack Webb
script collection at UCLA has only three TRUE scripts.  To my knowledge,
none of the episodes are available on home video except from private
collectors.  I don't know the title of the one you're looking for, but one
collector I've dealt with has 26 of the 30 episodes available:

1)The Last Day 1497
2)The Tenth Mona Lisa 1543
3)The Black-Robed Ghost 1544
4)Partners In Espionage 1609
5)Circle Of Death 1610
6)Long Shot To Kill 1690
7)Nitro 1814
8)Gertie The Great 1830
9)Black Market 1922
10)Open Season 2092
11)Defendant: Clarence Darrow 2092
12-13)Escape 2 Parts 2092
14)The Moonshiners 2092
15)V---Victor 5 2092
16)Ordeal 2092
17)The Amateurs 2092
18)Firebug 2092
19)Security Risk 3337
20)Little Richard 3337
21)Harris Versus Castro 3337
22)O.S.I. 3337
23-24)Code Name: Christopher 2 Parts w/o/c 4322
25)Commando 4322
26)Five Tickets To Hell 5463


I remember Jackie Cooper as Dixon but I don't remember ever seeing "GE True" (we lived in a small town with only 1 TV network) could be wrong though. I tried looking up the stuff on the net but no luck. Anybody else have any luck?

Thank you so much for getting back to me.  This has been driving me nuts for about the past 5 years as I tried to remember the name of the show, when it was exactly etc.  I do vaguely remember Jackie Cooper, so you must be correct on that.  I was probably 6 or 7 when I saw it and have been into Civil War history ever since.  So I am eager to find out more!  Thanks again!
Todd Judge
Tokyo, Japan


I still think the Hunley "novella" was part of the the anthology TV series called "The Blue and the Gray" not "GE's True". The full title of the long shot one was "A Mile Long Shot to Kill".
I have no idea why or how I remember that - I don't know what I had for lunch yesterday!

Thanks for the memory!  The Great Adventure sounds about right to me.  I didn't remember "True" at all.  I too would love to see that show again.  The screenplay may be in somebody's archives somewhere.  I also think in that episode they had a canary in the sub.  My Hunley interest goes back to that show as well.  Also, let me know if this sounds like a possibility or if I'm just halucinating.  I always thought the theme music for that show was the same as what is now used for National Geograpic's theme.  Any clue? 
Book 'em, Danno!
Todd Judge
Tokyo, Japan
Hi George,
I would love to see that show again as I remember that it absolutely fascinated and inspired me when I was a kid. When the Hunley was raised all those years later, I felt like I had known her for a lifetime.
I hope you locate the episode, and thanks greatly for including me in for a copy.
I've been regularly dropping in on your website and believe that your doing a great job.
All the best,
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To: DP
Sent: Saturday, February 16, 2002 11:57 AM
Subject: Re: Hunley 1963 movie answer

Hello and great thanks David, This is the best lead I've gotten so far. If I find it, I will gladly send you a copy.    You Aussie's have always been the friendliest of all visitors to www.thehunley.com , Very truly, George
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From: DP
Sent: Friday, February 15, 2002 6:42 PM
Subject: Hunley 1963 movie answer

Hi All,
Shows like G E True and The Blue & The Grey were never shown on Australian TV, yet the CBS series "The Great Adventure" was shown.
One episode of "The Great Adventure" was entitled "The Hunley" and was released by CBS in June 1963.
It starred Jackie Cooper and co-starred James MacArthur (later to become Danno in Hawaii Five O).
From my 30 year old memory of this episode, it ends with the crew of the Hunley marching up to the camera, saluting and stating their names. The show stayed in my mind & no doubt this was a major influence in my fascination with the raising of the Hunley.
If anyone finds a video of this episode, I will gladly pay expenses to obtain a copy.
Keep up the good work,
David Patrick
Sydney, Australia


On May 1, 1963, the CBS Television Network took over the Republic Studios on a five year wall-to-wall lease and renamed the facility CBS STUDIO CENTER. The Network placed three television series into production: RAWHIDE, GUNSMOKE, and a new hour-long adventure series called THE GREAT ADVENTURE.


The Great Adventure - - The Hunley

James MacArthur as Lt. Alexander

Biographical Information                                                                      

Birthday: December 8, 1937
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California


Son of actress Helen Hayes and playwright Charles MacArthur

Great Adventure

The Hunley (27 September 1963)

Appearing as Lt. Alexander
Synopsis from TV Guide:

Dramatic events in America's past are the substance of this new series. The salvaging of a Confederate submarine named The Hunley is the first of the historic tales. The sub, which has sunk three times, is on the verge of being considered a loss. But two young engineers from the 21st Alabama Infantry think they can save her.



 Birth name

Emmett Evan Heflin Jr.

Date of birth (location)

13 December 1910,
Walters, Oklahoma, USA

Date of death (details)

23 July 1971,
Hollywood, California, USA. (heart attack)


Brother of actress Frances Heflin ... (show more)

Sometimes Credited As:

A.A.F. Ret. Lt. Van Heflin

A.A.F. Ret. Lt. Van Heflin

David Macklin also starred in this movie, but am not sure what part he played.

Victor Jory may have starred in the 1963 Episode of The Great Adventure series, episode about the Hunley. http://www.dougmacaulay.com/kingspud/sel_by_actor_index_2.php?actor_first=Victor&actor_last=Jory


Gene Evans
(1922 - 1998)"Matt Helm" (1975-76) as Sgt. Hanrahan and "Spencer's Pilots" (1976) as Spencer Parish.



My only suggestion would be to advertise in a film magazine like THE BIG REEL


It's being syndicated internationally by Paramount Television
(323)956-5000.  You'd need to contact them about a copy.  Since it's still
generating revenues for them, they may be reluctant to make you a copy,

Good Luck!

Steve Hanson

We don't have this in our catalog.  You may want to try www.allmovie.com for more information.

Dr. Rhino

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If anyone has any information to add let us know.  George



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I do not.  The only suggestion I can make is to continue your search on the internet.

My only suggestion would be to advertise in a film magazine like THE BIG REEL


At 11:18 AM 2/19/2002 -0500, you wrote:
Thanks for getting back to me...I have tried for days to find this...can you tell me how to go about locating this film.  I have all over the internet and have written CBS.  Any help would be appreciated.  George
I do not.  The only suggestion I can make is to continue your search on the internet.

I checked imdb.com. The TV series is not available on video.

 My only suggestion would be to advertise in a film magazine like THE BIG REEL


Sorry, I don't really have a way of getting hold of Mr. MacArthur, except perhaps through the tournament office at (760) 202-4422.
I do not.  The only suggestion I can make is to continue your search on the internet.

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