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Reenactor’s Corner

Scattered Throughout The Army, There Were A Number Of Distinct Types Of Soldiers...

DRONE - One who shirked his duties and lived off his comrades. Such a man was a chronic borrower of money, tobacco, equipment and food, and would be the first one to play sick.

BLOWHARD OR PUFFER - A leader in a gabfest and lost no opportunity for self-glorification. He brags of his family background and achievements in civilian life.

ROGUE - Vicious scoundrel, including thieves, cutthroats, rapists, buggery, murderers and off-scouring of humanity.

HELL RAISERS - Mischievous men who would provoke a fight for pure devilment, or hurl insults at officers from a concealed spot, abuse women and take advantage of gullible Negroes.

SOT - Would drink any sort of intoxicant (however vile) and would stay (current) as long as liquor could be had.

CHRONIC FORAGER - Spent major portion of his time supplementing rations by trading begging or stealing, so great was his resourcefulness.

BUMMER - Was a scoundrel whose main objective was to plunder the richest, preferred raids on civilian rebels, out for personal gain.

THE MOURNFUL ONE or RECLUSE - Saturated himself in gloom, pessimistic view of future, he dwells on sickness and death, would cook and eat by themselves.

JONAH or CONSTITUTIONAL BLUNDERER - Devoid of rhythm and coordination. He spills his coffee on his comrades, kicks them in their shins and sticks them with bayonet during drill. Homely in appearance, generally absent when his services were needed.

MAMMA’S BOY - Helpless one who has to be wet-nursed by his comrades. Always underfoot. Would do anything for anyone just to be one of the boys.

I LOVE LIFE - Greets reveille with a whoop devours a rough breakfast, performed drill in the manner one plays a pleasant game, shows no boredom, full of good humor, chronic prankster.

EVER FAITHFUL - Never missed a formation or battle, endured hardship without murmur and when fate required, uncomplainingly laid down their lives for country and cause.

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