America's Civil War -- 6 issues America's Civil War -- 6 issues

Provides history enthusiasts with comprehensive and authoritative insights and analysis of the American Civil War, with a strong emphasis on the military aspects of the war, its battles, strategies, leaders, and little-known facts and facets. Only $2.99 per issue. That is 25% off.


Civil War Combat set VHSCivil War Combat set VHS

Civil War Journal, Sets 1&2, Save $50 - $.99 Books, DVDs, and more


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 Civil War Times Illustrated    The Latest Issue has an article about the HUNLEY
Civil War Times Illustrated

Civil War Times Illustrated takes readers inside the strategies, tactics, skirmishes, and twists of fate that changed the course of events during the war. Articles cover the battles, the politics, and the key figures involved in American's Civil War. Each issue also features the diaries, letters, journals, maps, and fading photographs of the unsung people of the North and South.




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