Thursday, December 20, 2001
 MOUNT PLEASANT - Further demonstrating Mount Pleasant's desire to acquire the restored Confederate submarine Hunley for Patriot's Point, Mayor Harry Hallman appointed a special council committee Wednesday to help formulate a proposal for housing the vessel.
 "There's no other place for the Hunley than Mount Pleasant and Patriot's Point," said Hallman, minutes before a special Town Council meeting on Wednesday.
 Hallman said the economic impact on Mount Pleasant will be "bigger than two or three Blackbauds," a reference to the computer software company that relocated to Daniel Island a few years ago.
 "This (the Hunley) is the most significant economic development project that will come along this century and we simply cannot fail in our efforts. Any investment made by our town will come back ten-fold and will put the town ... on national and international maps."
 The committee, to be led by Councilman Bobby Utsey, also includes councilmen Joe Bustos, Kruger Smith and Bill Van Nort. They are charged with working with Town Administrator Mac Burdette and Patriot's Point Director Dave Burnette in coming up with a proposal.
 The timing of the appointment comes as Hallman said he learned of the Hunley Commission sending out requests for proposals.
 Earlier this year, Mount Pleasant passed a hospitality tax - a 2 percent sales tax on all prepared food - that will take effect in January.
 Up to $4 million of the tax revenue could go to a Hunley museum. Patriot's Point Development Authority also has pledged up to $1 million and land for the endeavor.Contact David Quick at or 937-5516

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