ft_sumpter_beacon_copy.jpg (67622 bytes)     Charleston, S.C. Beacon on parapet of Fort Sumter Photograph of the Federal Navy and sea borne expeditions against the Atlantic Coast of the Confederacy, specifically of Charleston, S.C., 1863-1865.

ft_sumpter_ammo_copy-8x10.jpg (167514 bytes)     Charleston, S.C. Parapet of Fort Sumter, with stacks of ammunition]

Ft_sumpter_toward_Morris_copy8x10.jpg (213058 bytes) Charleston, S.C. Parapet of Fort Sumter looking toward Morris Island

ft_sumpter_channel_side_copy.jpg (252496 bytes) Charleston, S.C. Palmetto reinforcements on the channel side of Fort Sumter

Ft_sumpter_north_wall_copy.jpg (211505 bytes) Charleston, S.C. Breach patched with gabions on the north wall of Fort Sumter

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