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  " Re-create the face of every crew member"


Hunley Update 7/13/01

Big news from the Hunley commission. Scientists say they have discovered the brain matter of the crew members aboard the Hunley submarine completely intact. Not only will the confederate sub be preserved, but scientists say, they can now re-create the face of every crew member.

It seems incredible. After more than 130 years, the brains of the Hunley crew are completely intact. Scientists are amazed at the phenomenal find and believe it is the result of the way the sub went down. Hunley Commission Chairman, Senator Glen McConnell tells us, "It was an oxygen-less environment. The skull got to the lower level of the sub first."

Scientists say you'll be able to see exactly what the crew members looked like. The forensic experts will be able to re-build the faces of the crew with 98 % accuracy, down to the color of their hair and the color of their eyes.

"Our forensic experts are so good that they can look at the bone structure, the ribs, and tell the age within a few months. We know that one crew member is 19 and one is 37," said McConnell.

In addition to what the crewmen themselves reveal, other finds will tell us more about who they were. Artifacts are believed to be under the crew compartment inside the sub.

"Early x-rays show other things below the bench. Things we believe belonged to the crew. Their personal effects," said McConnell.

Because the Hunley is rich in treasures, you can imagine the security needed to protect them. Senator McConnell says Lt. Dixon's gold coin has been made inaccessible to treasure hunters. He calls the security "extremely complex."

The submarine alone is a treasure, it's iron work more advanced than the Titanic! "The Hunley is probably the most incredible time capsule and it has many more treasures yet to come."

Senator McConnell says there will be another public tour of the HL Hunley this summer. We will keep you posted.

Reported by Debi Chard

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