More remains of sub's crew are removed

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

     Archaeologists excavating the H.L. Hunley spent most of the day Monday removing some remains of the crew.
     In most parts of the Confederate submarine's crew compartment, scientists have dug as deep as they can go without taking out the remains. Beneath the skeletons of the eight crew members found so far, the archaeologists expect to find more of the crew's personal belongings.
     The excavation, which has probably another month to go, has reached the bottom of the sub in all but the forward most areas of the sub's interior.
     Beneath the sub's front conning tower, archaeologists expect to find the Hunley's commander, Lt. George Dixon, and the clues that will tell them what caused the submarine to sink.
     After being studied by anthropologists, the crew will be buried in Magnolia Cemetery alongside the other crews of the first attack submarine.


Used with permission of The Post and Courier and Charleston.Net



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