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More buttons are found in Hunley

Friday, March 30, 2001

     Scientists excavating the Hunley on Thursday found two more metal buttons similar to the ones that were the first artifacts found in the Confederate submarine.
     Project Manager Bob Neyland said the buttons were found face down in the sediment very close to the midsection area of the crew compartment where the first two buttons were found.
     The backs of the buttons carry the name of a Montgomery, Ala., importer - Halfman & Taylor, just like the first two. Those earlier buttons were from an artilleryman's uniform jacket, possibly from Cpl. C.F. Carlson, the last man to join the Hunley's crew.
     The archaeologists have not yet removed the buttons from the mud, so they aren't positive the fronts of the buttons also carry the ornate "A" that the others do.
     The remains of the coat they were on, however, are nowhere to be seen.
     "There is nothing really around the buttons, maybe fragments of something, but it appears the fabric has deteriorated away," Neyland said.
     In the middle and aft sections of the crew compartment, scientists are nearing the bottom of the sub. Neyland said in a few areas the excavation is only 40 centimeters - less than 16 inches - from the floor of the Hunley. There, they expect to find more artifacts that would have settled to the bottom.

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