This site was sent to me by another southerner and is well worth a visit. Don't fergit to come back yah hayr.

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Dear reader,

I just wanted to personally thank you
for your kind words of encouragement
for my column on the confederate flag.
You would not believe how much flack
(and some threats) I received over writing
the article.  As you know, there are many
who just don't want the Southern voice
to be heard.

I have just one favor to ask of you if you
like the column and if it is not running in
your local newspaper, send them an
email or letter asking them to carry it so
that, together, we can get the word out
that Southern heritage is not about racism,
but about love for our way of living.
Precious Memories . . . how they linger.

Thank-you again for your encouragement,


p.s. I will be personally replying to as many
of your emails as I can, but we have been
just overwhelmed with response on
this article, so please bear with me.


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