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Thank you for your inquiry. Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive,

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Sub Reveals Gold Mine of History," by Michael E. Ruane for use on the

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Hilary Phillips


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A_Contact Name: George W. Penington

B_Organization Name: The

C_Description of Organization: Free up to date information site on the

recovery efforts of the Confederate Submarine H L Hunley

D_URL of Website:

E_Phone Number: 843-554-4222

F_Fax Number:

G_Email Address:

H_Street Address: 1195 Seeport Dr., N. Charleston, S.C. 29406

I_Title of Article: Raised Confederate Sub Reveals Gold Mine of History

J_Author of Article: By Michael E. Ruane

K_Subject of Article: H L Hunley Submarine

L_Publication Date: Tuesday, July 10, 2001; Page A01

M_Section: Page A01

N_Intended Use Electronic: on

O_Description of Use: Addition research information

O_Other Time Period Request: on


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