This book was delayed due to the author's illness until Fall 2002.  Currently
scheduled for publication in October of this year.



The Voyage of the Hunley

Edwin P. Hoyt

On a February night in 1864 the Confederate submarine H. L. Hunley sank the Union Housatonic in the first successful submarine attack. In her triumph the Hunley sank with all hands aboard, the cause of her fate a mystery. Some 136 years later, the newly-discovered Hunley was raised to the surface at Charleston harbor and restoration work began. The Voyage of the Hunley is an account of the Hunley's development and career, her mysterious sinking, and her recovery and restoration to date.

Edwin P. Hoyt is the author of Bowfin, The Kamikazes, and many other books on military history. He lives in Beaverton, Oregon (Portland area).




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