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The purpose of “thehunley.com” is to serve as an online educational resource for the public regarding the history, recovery and restoration of the CSS H. L. Hunley, the Civil War submarine recovered from the bottom of the Charleston Harbor in August 2000.  The submarine disappeared on February 17, 1864, after successfully torpedoing and sinking the USS Housatonic.  In addressing this and other related topics, our intent is to benefit the growing community of Civil War buffs and historians, as well as teachers, students, authors and scientists, locally and world wide.

Users of the site will further their knowledge of history as well as the science and technology used in the discovery of facts, including the methods used in the modern science of forensics, x-rays, lasers, archeology and research methodologies.

The wealth of information on the site is gathered from many media and sources, including the official Hunley organization, “Friends of the Hunley” and other related Internet sites.  Other sources include historical books and archives, military records, past and present newspaper articles, documentaries, guest input, discovered facts, and the theories drawn from ongoing research.

This information is freely offered, provides real-time data, follows methods of construction accepted as educational in character and is organized in such as manner as to facilitate learning.  It is easily accessed, copied, downloaded and/or printed.  New information and topics of research are also shared via email and newsletters to those having an interest in the subject, including members of the Hunley restoration and conservation crews, descendents of the Hunley crew members, scientists, publishers, teachers, students of all ages and of course, the general public. 


The site does not charge or require membership or access fees and features large type and ease in navigation to ensure accessibility for all users.   In addition to serving as a global source of information about the history of the Hunley and the scientific advances and discoveries taking place at the Warren Lasche Conservation Lab in Charleston, SC, the site also endeavors to highlight Charleston’s efforts to retain the Hunley following completion of the excavation.


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