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The Hunley  was founded in 1999 in Charleston by George W. Penington. Technical Expertise and Input provided by
Mr. Roi Singleton and many friends and associates.

The Company uses The Hunley name as a web site to be dedicated to Charleston,  it's traditions and particularly to all who are Survivors. We will strive to provide access to up to date information through our links page and articles provided by visitors and friends.

The will focus on providing web access to small and medium sized businesses that want and need to use the Internet to profitably grow their businesses. We build web sites and offer outstanding support to our customers.

Since inception, the Company has continued to abide by its commitment to customer service and support.
Many of us have ventured Charleston Harbor in Boats that did as well as THE HUNLEY. Some of us paddled around below sea level in a place called the THREE NAGS and know exactly how the crew of THE HUNLEY must of felt.

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