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As part of Spoleto Festival USA's three-year "Evoking History" program, the visual arts exhibition "The Memory of Water," co-curated by Mary Jane Jacob and Tumelo Mosaka, will evike the cosmopolitan character of this colonial capital and its maritime legacy by pointing to Charleston's global reach in the past, illuminating its contemporary cultural landscape and connections with the world, and inspiring visions for the future.

"The Memory of Water" presents newly commissioned works by six artists from outside Charleston whose work resonates with the multiple meanings located within this place and with its unique relationship to water as a peninsular city strategically sited on the Atlantic Ocean, with a natural harbor protected by the sea islands. In very different ways, each installation touches on this relationship through an aspect of Charleston's commerce, trade, or military might, and the cultures that converge along its shores.

Artist Kim Sooja will present two companion projects for the "Memory of Water," commemorating those who lived outside freedom. Kim's "Planted Names" will be presented at Drayton Hall.

1860s_MI_Lighhouse-large_copy.jpg (25836 bytes)
Morris Island Lighthouse (The Charleston Light) in 1858 - Torn down in 1862 by Citadel Cadets stationed on the Island to keep the Union forces from using it as a lookout tower.

M_I_Lighthouse-N2-R.jpg (96906 bytes)
Morris Island Lighthouse built in 1938.  All the land around the Lighthouse has washed away.

At the Morris Island Lighthouse, Kim Sooja will present "A Lighthouse Woman," using light, color and sound to transform the abandoned lighthouse into a memorial. Her work will be a tribute to the enduring relationship of light and the sea.

Kim Sooja's work has been featured in exhibitions worldwide, from Africa to Asia. Her 2001 solo exhibition seen at MOMA P.S. 1 in New York is currently touring Europe. Kim's project for this year's Whitney Biennial is sited at the Central Park Zoo in New York.

The initial "lighting" of the lighthouse will be on Friday evening, May 10. A boat tour will be offered to the lighthouse with members of the national and local media. Tickets for $100 each are available through Save The Light at 843-556-0353. Your admission includes a narrated boat tour through Charleston Harbor to the Morris Island Lighthouse, heavy hors' oeuvres, and wine. Join us for this special evening.

The Lighthouse Woman exhibit will be illuminated at the lighthouse each evening from 6:00 pm to midnight, May 10 to June 9. For further information, call Save The Light at 843-556-0353


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