9 " Dahlgren Gun Available at the Hunley Store
Dahlgren Gun with Marsilly Carriage is 1/32 scale.  About 7" long overall at colored base show. Used by both North and South during the Civil War primarily aboard ships and ironclads.
      11" Dahlgren Gun  Available at the Hunley Store


Morris Island with Fort Sumter in distance -9"Dahlgrens


"The salvage was worth the agony, the twin Dahlgrens became the most powerful guns in Charleston.  One was mounted at Fort Sumter for a while where it lived until August and was at one point the only serviceable cannon in the fort. It was then moved to Battery Ramsey at the eastern end of White Point Gardens in the City. It was either destroyed somehow or sold as scrap after the evacuation of Charleston.  The other Dahlgren was mounted at Battery Bee on Sullivanís Island and was used to guard the harbor until the evacuation. Amazingly, it was abandoned by the Confederates and of no concern to the Yankees until one day the cannon and its carriage overturned and was buried by the sand near the beach. In 1898 it was found by troops stationed at Fort Moultrie and a year later it was mounted on The Battery where it can be seen at the corner of East Bay and South" Battery.

Available at the Hunley Store


Fort Moultrie  32 lb. Gun on Front Pintle Barbette (Mordecal) Carriage  (see kit SG-006)

Battery at White Point Gardens - Charleston, S.C.


Eleven inch Dahlgren - Battery at Charleston, S.C. Plaque about Keokuk



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