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Posted by yello_armadillo on 25-Apr-2001
Study of possible locations
porthole_group.jpg (18838 bytes)
Based on concretion shadowing (and a vivid imagination


Detail on the dock
portholeview.jpg (28804 bytes)Posted by jvnautilus on 25-Apr-2001


Clearer hatch drawing
porthole_sketch.gif (13582 bytes)
Clearly not accurate Posted by jvnautilus on 25-Apr-2001


Posted by b_rogoff on 14-May-2001
Found a close up of rear hatch
rearporthole1.jpg (115501 bytes)
I don't think this one was intended for publication.


Posted by myk0704 on 22-Oct-2000
Hunley Risen
hunley_on_side.jpg (18273 bytes)

Posted by yello_armadillo on 4-Apr-2001

Forward hatch & snorkel
hunley_model.jpg (23961 bytes)

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