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FirstName: Cathy

LastName: Harris

Organization: Hopkinton Civil War Round Table

email: charris@n-connect.net

Phone: 319-926-2543

> Fax: 319-926-2626

> Street1: 202 Cascade St., SW

> City: Hopkinton

> State: Iowa

> Zip: 52237

> Country: USA


> message:


> My organization is interested in your traveling exhibit. One of our members

> gave a program on The Hunley at a recent meeting and we were all excited

> about the traveling exhibit. Can you give me information on this display --

> cost, if and when available, etc. We have a Civil War Days event in town

> the first full weekend in June and were wondering about the exhibit. Please

> let me know as soon as possible.


At this point we no longer have the mobile exhibit. We are searching for a

corporate sponsor to share in the costs of the exhibit. You can check back

in late April as we hope to have an answer by that time. You can speak with

Beth Ward at 843.722.2333. Thank you for your interest in our project.


Khaki Gipple

Friends of the Hunley




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